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Top 11 App Development Ideas

Did you know that mobile traffic accounts for more than half of all web traffic? If you want to take advantage of this growth, consider a few app development ideas so that you don't have to rely on a mobile website.

Then, you can capture potential customers and get them to stay on your app. Plus, you won't have to worry about if your site works on a mobile device or not.

Read on to learn about a few mobile app development ideas.

1. Photo-Sharing App

With the recent announcement that Instagram is going to focus more on video, that leaves a hole in the market. If you work with photographers or want to, one of the best app development ideas is a photo-sharing app.

While you shouldn't copy Instagram, you can use it for inspiration. Take a look at what photographers are saying about the change to learn what features you should or shouldn't include.

If you've loved using Instagram for photos, consider what you liked about it. Use what you find in your research to determine how you want to develop the app.

Consider if it will be like a social network, a portfolio app, or something else. Then, you can make sure the app is successful for years to come.

2. Photo or Video Editing App

Another great app development idea is to create an app to edit photos or videos. This would be a fantastic complementary app to a photo-sharing program, but it can work on its own.

While there are mobile editing apps, consider what you can do to stand out. If you've used other editing apps, think about how easy or hard they are to use.

Consider what features they don't have that you can incorporate to make your app more unique. Perhaps you allow photographers to send photos to an editor right in the app.

Or maybe you allow users to create or upload presets to make editing easier. Either way, try to create something that isn't just like any other editing app.

3. Social Media Scheduling App

As social media continues to be popular, consider developing an app to make managing accounts easier. You can create an app that works with different social networks to help people plan their content calendar.

Maybe the app will have a feature that allows uses to enter their brand details to help make all of their posts cohesive. Or perhaps you want to target the app toward social media managers with multiple clients.

Test out other social media scheduling apps to see what features are common. If there's something you don't see in other apps, figure out how to add it to your app.

While adding more features can increase your app development cost and timeline, it might be worth it. Then, you'll have a selling point that makes people want to download your app.

4. Dating App

Maybe the world doesn't need another dating app, so think about how you can make a dating app different. One example of this is Bumble, which only allows women to send the first message.

But Bumble also has Bumble BFF to help people make friends and Bumble Bizz to help people with their careers. Maybe you can create a dating app that also helps people find a roommate.

Your app doesn't have to be a traditional dating app, so think about what you can add to it. Perhaps you decide to create a dating app for people in a specific industry.

5. Productivity App

A lot of people love a good productivity app to help them get their work done. Your app can focus on one or more elements of productivity, such as:

  • Project management
  • Time blocking
  • Screen time monitoring

Think about what helps you or your ideal user be more productive. Maybe you just start with one productivity feature, and you add more things later.

Or you decide to create a full productivity suite that helps businesses plan their marketing strategies. Your app can be as general or as specific as you want, so do some research to help develop the best productivity app possible.

6. Digital Planner App

A more specific productivity app you can develop can serve as a digital planner. You may include features like being able to handwrite like on paper, such as on an iPad app.

Or you may want to allow people to use it as a digital calendar, like Google Calendar. Consider how you can integrate the app with other popular programs so that people can keep track of projects and appointments.

As more people work remotely and move from location to location, a paper planner can be hard to keep track of. With a digital planner, users only need to have their phone or tablet.

Think about if you want to develop the planner for tablets, smartphones, or both. Then, you can make sure the features will work on all screen sizes and devices.

7. Online Shopping App

If you want to get into the eCommerce space, consider setting up an app that lets people shop online. This app can be specific to your business, such as the Amazon shopping app.

Or you can create a shopping marketplace, like Poshmark, where people can sign up to buy and sell. If you want to go this route, you could make the app specific to a type of person or item to sell.

Think about your ideal customer to decide if you want to narrow the focus of your app. Whether you allow others to sell or not, knowing your target audience can help you design and develop the app to attract the right users.

8. Health Tracker App

You can find tons of health tracker apps, but there are also plenty of ways to make yours stand out. For example, you could focus on creating a symptom tracker for people with a particular illness, like migraine.

Or you might choose to make a health tracker for college students or new parents. Perhaps you want to develop an app to help women track their menstrual cycle or for anyone to track their sleep.

The more specific your health tracker app is, the easier it will be to market it as a new app. People will know if the app is right for them, and you won't have to develop a ton of features that most people won't use.

If you want to combine the mobile app with a website, you can look into web development. Then, you can allow people to sync their data between devices to help them view their health information.

9. Budgeting App

Another one of the best app development ideas to consider is a budgeting or finance app. Many people need help tracking their money, so your app can be the solution.

Your app can have people enter their transactions manually, or you can integrate with different banks. Then, people can import transactions automatically, and they can look at transactions from their various accounts.

Like the health tracker idea, you can create a budgeting app for a certain type of person. If you want to target college students, you can help them keep track of their tuition, loans, and other school costs.

Or maybe you create a business budgeting app for entrepreneurs. You can develop the app for a specific person and make sure the design and elements meet their needs.

10. Mobile Game App

Perhaps you want to create something more fun than a productivity or budgeting app. With the rise in virtual reality and augmented reality, consider using that technology to create a new mobile game.

There are games in almost every category, from strategy and puzzles to multiplayer games. Think about what type of game you would want to play and if you want to integrate virtual reality.

As with any other app, you can target your game at a specific type of person, or you can keep it more general. Take a look at the most popular games to see what's trending and how you can get on board with that trend.

11. Website App

Maybe you've spent a lot of time and money on web development, and you don't want to create a new app from scratch. Consider turning your existing website into an app.

Your app can have the right design and features for a mobile device, so it will be easier for people to use on their smaller screens. Whether you have an online store or you post digital content, you can turn it into an app.

Even if you have a mobile responsive website design, an app can still be useful. When someone downloads your app, it will live on their home screen, so they might be more likely to visit the app than your mobile site.

You can also share content and products exclusively on the app to get people to download it. Then, you can grow your business more easily.

Turn Your App Development Ideas Into Reality

Do you want to break into the app industry? You need to consider the best app development ideas for your business. Then, you can make sure your app will be a success.

Whether you want to focus on productivity or entertainment, you can make your app a reality. You just need the right developer to help.

Are you ready to get started? View our projects to see how we can help with your app.

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