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Brand Strategy 101: Building and Continuing a Successful Brand

What's the secret to a killer brand strategy? A successful brand is always a memorable one. Successful brands make sure they leave you with a lasting impression.

Memorable and successful brand strategy examples include Starbucks and their social media presence, Nike tapping into our emotions, and Whole Foods standing for what they believe in.

If you want to build a successful brand strategy, keep reading for our top tips you can implement today.

1. Always Be Consistent With Your Branding

An iconic brand is a consistent brand. One of the best examples of brand consistency is Coca-Cola. Most people from anywhere in the world can recognize Coca-Cola's iconic red and white logo. How did they do this?

The answer is simple. Coca-Cola has kept its product and its branding identity and design consistent for over 130 years.

Their company spends around 4.3 billion on marketing every year. However, they still continue to promote the same message with their marketing slogans and taglines, and their logo has stayed relatively consistent over time.

A lack of consistency in marketing and brand strategy is one of the biggest mistakes marketing teams and business owners seem to make. 

2. Figure Out Who Your Customer Is and Understand Them

First, figure out who your customer is by doing research and collecting the necessary data online. Next, determine the overall goal of your potential customers. Where do they struggle? What do they desire? What do they respond to?

Understanding your target audience or customers is essential for a successful brand strategy. You can also book a free strategy session with our team at WebSuitable if you want to take the guesswork out of your marketing in just one phone call! 

3. Tap Into Your Customer's Emotions

People respond to emotion, and Nike knows this well. If you pay close attention, you'll notice companies try to capitalize on desires, insecurities, and fears in their marketing campaigns. Nike targets our inner desire to become great.

Even though most of us aren't athletes, Nike tapping into our inner desire for greatness is what propels consumers to buy Nike.

You can do the same with your brand strategy by figuring out what your target audience responds to emotionally in a broader sense. 

4. Build Your Brand's Online Following

Unless you get lucky and find a way to go viral, building an online community takes time and rarely happens overnight.

First, find out which social media sites your target audience frequents the most. Create a social media profile for your business and post as much relevant content as possible. 

Interaction plays a massive role in building your online community, so make sure you like, reply, or share anything relevant your customers tag you in (a photo of them using your product, for example). 

5. Practice Authenticity

Offering authenticity is the strategically unstrategic way of saying what your company believes in and, most importantly, backing it up with action.

Whole Foods does this by standing up for what they believe in and never wavering from their values. By practicing authenticity, they've gained a loyal customer base who choose to purchase from Whole Foods because they also believe value clean, thoughtfully-sourced, and organic foods.

The Secret to a Killer Brand Strategy

From the importance of consistent branding to tapping into your target audience's emotions, we hope you found our Brand Strategy 101 guide helpful! If your goal is to build a successful and memorable brand, be sure to keep our five tips in mind when creating your brand strategy.

If you enjoyed this post, get in touch with us today for a free 30-minute growth marketing strategy session!

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