What are PPC Management Services?

At WebSuitable, we're here to unravel the power of PPC (Pay-per-Click) advertising and boost your business. Our PPC management services involve crafting strategic online campaigns that drive targeted traffic to your website. Here's why it's a game-changer:

  • Skyrocket Brand Awareness: PPC advertising can lead to a remarkable 50% increase or more in brand visibility.
  • 24/7 Sales Team: Your ads work tirelessly, bringing potential customers to your digital doorstep.

With our expertise and wit, we'll optimize your PPC campaigns, outrank the competition, and unlock the true potential of this investment strategy. Let's make your business shine digitally with our PPC management services.

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Our PPC Services

Google Ads Management
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Google Display Ads
Call Tracking
Google Shopping Ads
YouTube Ads
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Effective PPC Advertising Management: Maximize Your Digital Impact

Are you ready to take your online advertising to new heights? With our expert PPC services, we can help you maximize your reach, increase brand visibility, and drive targeted traffic to your website. Let's dive into the powerful tools and strategies we offer here at WebSuitable. 💪🎯

Google Ads

Harness the immense power of Google's advertising platform to connect with potential customers precisely when they're searching for products or services like yours. Our skilled team will create compelling ad campaigns that grab attention, driving qualified leads to your website.

In fact, did you know that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads? 💰📈

Get ready to witness impressive returns on your investment! 💸✨

Google Display Ads

Expand your brand's reach across the web with captivating visual ads on millions of websites and mobile apps. Our display ad specialists will design eye-catching banners and graphics to engage your target audience.

With Google Display Ads, you can achieve a whopping 180% increase in brand awareness. 🌍👀

Get ready to make a lasting impression! 🎨🔥

Remarketing Ads

Don't let potential customers slip away! With remarketing ads, we'll bring back lost visitors and give them a gentle nudge to convert. By displaying personalized ads to people who have already visited your website, you'll stay top-of-mind and encourage them to return.

Remarketing ads have been proven to increase conversion rates by an astounding 70%. 🎯💼

It's time to win back those valuable prospects! 🚀🔥

Call Tracking

Do you know which ads are driving phone calls to your business? Our advanced call tracking technology allows you to measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns by capturing valuable data on incoming calls. By optimizing your ads based on call performance, you can enhance your customer interactions and boost your conversion rates.

Businesses that use call tracking have experienced a remarkable 37% increase in lead generation.

📞📊 Get ready to supercharge your phone leads! 🚀💥

Google Shopping Ads

If you're in the e-commerce space, Google Shopping Ads are a game-changer. Showcase your products directly in the search results and grab the attention of potential buyers. With our expert optimization techniques, we'll maximize your visibility and attract qualified leads.

Did you know that businesses using Google Shopping Ads see a 30% higher conversion rate compared to traditional text ads? 💻🛍️

It's time to increase your online sales! 💰💥

YouTube Ads

Capture your audience's attention with compelling video ads on the world's second-largest search engine, YouTube. Our creative team will craft engaging video content that resonates with your target market, driving brand awareness and encouraging action.

YouTube ads have a remarkable reach, with over 2 billion logged-in monthly users. 🎥🌟

Get ready to connect with your audience on a whole new level! 🚀💡Ready to make your mark in the digital advertising landscape?

Our PPC services are designed to deliver tangible results, whether you're looking to generate leads, boost sales, or increase brand exposure.

Contact us today to kickstart your online success! 📲🎉

Note: The statistics provided are based on industry averages and can vary depending on various factors such as industry, target audience, campaign optimization, and other variables. 📊🔬

Our PPC Process

Discover the Ways WebSuitable Can Boost Your ROI through PPC Solutions

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Market Research

Our team of specialists will engage in a thorough consultation with you to pinpoint your target audience and establish clear PPC objectives.

Subsequently, we will conduct comprehensive market research and competitor analysis to lay the foundation for a successful campaign.

Keyword Planning

During this crucial phase, we will meticulously determine the most effective search queries to target as keywords for your advertisements.

This strategic approach ensures that your visibility is optimized for the most pertinent searches, while also enhancing the efficiency of your ad spend. Furthermore, we will identify negative keywords to minimize any unnecessary expenditure.

PPC Implementation

Moving forward, we will proceed with utmost care and precision to construct all the necessary elements for your strategy and initiate the launch of your campaign.

Our team of PPC specialists will skillfully craft captivating Google Ads content, incorporating professional copywriting techniques, designing compelling landing pages, and assisting you in sourcing exceptional product images of the highest quality.

SEO Implementation

During the SEO Implementation phase, our SEO team collaborates with your designers and developers to initiate the high-priority tasks identified in the previous phase.

We begin by tackling the quick wins to provide early results, then create a strategy to address the more complex, high-effort tasks. Low-reward tasks are kept in reserve and tackled as time permits while the campaign progresses.

Our systematic approach ensures that we make steady progress toward achieving your SEO objectives, while optimizing our efforts to produce the best results possible.

PPC Tracking and Reporting

A thriving PPC campaign requires continuous monitoring and adjustment. Our dedicated team will diligently track the performance of your Google Ads throughout the entire duration.

Our experts will provide recommendations and implement necessary changes, introduce new PPC campaigns as needed, and deliver customized reports during your quarterly strategy audit to keep you well-informed and empowered.

Why Choose WebSuitable's PPC Management Services?

When it comes to PPC marketing management services in Canada, WebSuitable stands out as the top choice.

As a leading digital marketing agency with extensive expertise in the industry, we consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.

For instance, consider our partnership with an insurance broker in Vancouver. They were struggling to generate leads and had previously experienced lacklustre results with Google Ads campaigns.

By implementing our targeted optimization techniques, we achieved a remarkable 45% increase in their overall revenue within just three months, while reducing their cost per acquisition by 30%.

In another success story, we collaborated with a German fashion brand expanding its retail network in Canada.

Through our comprehensive SEM consulting services, including SEO and PPC advertising, we achieved a significant 150% increase in website traffic and a 70% rise in online sales.

At WebSuitable, we understand the challenges businesses face and possess the strategic prowess to deliver outstanding results.

Choose us as your partner for PPC marketing management services in Canada, and let us propel your business to new heights of success.


WebSuitable Provides Tailored Digital Marketing Services For Businesses Just Like Yours.


Check Out What Our Valued Customers Have to Say about Our Digital Marketing Services

WebSuitable are directly responsible for an increase in lead generation and Sales.  WebSuitable is the full package and very easy to work with.

Alan J.
Business Owner

WebSuitable team is extremely efficient in delivering consistent value to our company. They are very transparent and prompt in communication and have proved to be a great asset to our marketing strategy.

Shaikh A.
Marketing Manager

I have worked with several SEO and digital marketing companies before, and can say with confidence WebSuitable has been the most professional and results-driven company to date. Highly recommend.

Natasha M.
Business Owner

Working with WebsSuitable has probably been one of the best experiences of my 35 year career. They were able to immediately help me and then continue to support my needs. I highly recommend them!

David B.
Business Owner

Great customer service, very friendly and professional. Highly recommended.

Rob C.
Business Owner

They've exceeded my expectations with organic SEO and paid marketing! The team is super friendly and experienced!

Joanne B.
Business Owner

High caliber, responsive and quality driven team that understood our complex requirements and presented us with creative and cost effective ways to achieve them.

Waseem S.
Business Owner

Working with the team at WebSuitable has been a fantastic experience. They continue to be an asset to our digital marketing team.

Kaytie L.
Marketing Manager

The best web agency I've ever worked with. They carried out highly complex projects for us with pristine client service, they have always delivered beyond expectations.

Laura F.
Marketing Manager

We've been working with WebSuitable for over 6 months now, and we're very happy to see our website traffic is well above where it was before.

Ryan B.
Marketing Manager

WebSuitable has helped us to significantly improve our website traffic, and we continue to see the numbers going up.

Nicolette B.
Marketing Manager

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