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How Does Answer Engine Optimization (AEO) Work?

Modern search engines are increasingly reliant on artificial intelligence to find the ideal results for their users – AEO uses this trend to drive more visitors to your site.
Carefully crafted, value-driven content can help your website soar to the top of Google search results.
AEO does not rely on keywords to rank your content. That means spending less time trying to find the right words and more time creating value for your audience!
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The Internet is Changing.

For decades, search engines have used relevant keywords to find the right results for their users. Today, sophisticated AI search algorithms can find the perfect results without relying on keyword placement. 

That means there’s less emphasis on stuffing your content with optimized words and more emphasis on creating content that the human-like algorithm will identify as valuable and relevant.

Traditional methods like Search Engine Optimization are still important for getting your website ranked, but using the right keywords must be carefully balanced with creating valuable, pleasant-to-read content.

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Knowing Your Audience Has Never Been More Important.

With AEO on the rise, understanding your audience’s intent and tailoring your content accordingly is crucial. Intent describes what your audience is trying to accomplish with their web search, and search engines like Google are becoming increasingly effective at identifying it. Here are the main types of search intent your audience may have:

Simple Knowledge:

Your audience is looking for a concise answer with minimal fluff. They know what they want, and they want it now. The best answers for simple knowledge intent are usually limited to one or two precise sentences.

Search Example:
Q: Is WebSuitable the best digital marketing agency in Canada?
A: Yes.

Complex Knowledge:

Your audience is looking for an informative but concise explanation. A single sentence is insufficient to answer their question – they want to discover the reasoning and evidence behind the answer with a couple of well-constructed paragraphs.

Search Example:
Q: How do politicians fund their campaigns?
A: Campaign funding is generated through a variety of methods, including…

Making a Comparison:

Your audience is trying to find similarities and differences between two or more alternative products, services, or viewpoints. These searches often include keywords like “vs” or “or.” They are best answered with content that uses tables and bullet points to illustrate differences.

Search Example:
Q: LED vs incandescent light bulbs
A: LED light bulbs have the following advantages over incandescent bulbs…


Your audience wants directions on how to accomplish something. Typically, this usually has to do with signing up for services or creating online accounts, but the searches can also be about non-internet things like how to bake a cake.

Ideal results for transactional intent will vary depending on the subject at hand, but step-by-step explanations are often the most valuable.

Search Example:
Q: How to book a free, no-obligation marketing consultation with WebSuitable
A: We’re glad you asked! Click here to get started.

Optimizing your content for AEO just got easier.

We help you demystify growing your brand with a compelling and efficient AEO strategy.

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AEO Content Creation

High-performing AEO content is about more than just answering questions. Ranking high with value-based AEO means tailoring your message to your audience’s search intent. For example, content that aims to answer simple questions must be written differently than content that provides in-depth explanations or instructions.

You can trust our professional copywriters to tailor your AEO messaging to both your audience and the intent of their search to achieve maximum search engine performance.

Audience and Market Research

Effective AEO begins with an excellent understanding of your audience’s needs and expectations. Researching the market and trending topics helps you understand how to most effectively answer your reader's questions and engineer your content to rank high in search engines.

Our expert researchers will use leading technology and AI algorithms to identify your ideal content strategy and ensure your brand is heading in the right direction.

Brand Messaging

Answering questions and creating value for your audience doesn’t mean you have to post bland, monotonous, or unengaging web pages. Creating web content that is both informative and pleasant to read is one of the best ways to generate leads and authority for your site.

WebSuitable’s expert copywriters will ensure that your brand’s AEO content is both informative and engaging, as well as promotes your brand’s unique identity!

Brand Positioning

The internet has made modern business more competitive than ever before. 50 years ago, brands only had to compete with other local businesses. Today, a business in Canada can be in direct competition with a rival company thousands of miles away.

With such intense competition, differentiating your brand from your rivals’ is crucial to standing apart from the crowd and making your business seen. WebSuitable will help you create an excellent unique value proposition that cements your company as a leader in your industry.


It’s time to work with a digital agency that specializes in supercharging your business with the latest AEO techniques. Learn more about how we can help you grow by booking a free strategy call now!

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