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How our Toronto SEO experts can help you grow your business.

You’re looking for a Toronto SEO company that can help you scale your organic growth. You want to ensure your website consistently shows up and generates traffic on the first page of Google.

We know that organic traffic is the key to sustainable long-term success for any business. That’s why we focus exclusively on SEO for companies in Toronto and the GTA. It delivers the best ROI of any digital marketing channel, and when done right you can enjoy free traffic from Google for years to come.

Achieving your digital marketing goals starts with generating more traffic from search engines. Let us show you how our unique approach to SEO can get you the results you need.

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Improve your website's SEO and scale your growth

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of identifying the terms your customers are typing into their Google search. It's a must-have feature of any search engine optimization campaign. Once you know which keywords your audience uses, you can use these terms in your web content to help your site outperform the competition on Google. However, determining the ideal keywords for growing your business is more complicated than it may seem. From performing a search intent analysis to eliminating any terms that aren't useful, keyword research is a highly-involved digital marketing process. WebSuitable SEO Toronto is a marketing agency with the expertise and resources to get your website on the first page of Google and keep it there for years to come.

SEO Analytics Reports

SEO analytics reports are crucial for understanding how customers interact with your business. They help you understand where your website visitors are coming from, what they do on your site, and what you need to do to convert them into regular customers. A good SEO report is more than just a bunch of spreadsheets and numbers – it gives you real, digestible insights and strategies that you can immediately use to improve your site's performance. WebSuitable's experts use industry-leading tools, SEO practices, and AI technology to identify where your website can improve and give you a fast, straightforward solution.

Comprehensive Content Marketing

Creating high-quality, compelling, and relevant content is the core of any successful SEO campaign. From landing pages to blogs, product descriptions, and beyond, website content is where your researched keywords are used to make a difference. The more web content you publish on your site, the more opportunities your site has to appear on the front page of Google search results. Content marketing services are included in when you get SEO services from WebSuitable Digital Marketing Agency Toronto. That means no more dealing with extra fees and charges then you want high-quality content created for your site – we've got you covered!

On-Page SEO

Have webpages on your site that aren't SEO-optimized? We can help you get them up to speed with the latest SEO best-practices. Optimizing your site's pages helps your them rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing without having to rebuild your website's existing structure. With our On-Page SEO service, you get all the benefits of search engine optimization without undoing all of the hard work you've already invested in your website. Our team will look at what you are doing now, see what is working and what can improve, and offer you uncomplicated guidance on how to achieve your goals. We'll give you a plan to optimize your website ranking, including goals for targeted keywords, meta tags, and more.

Local Toronto SEO

Local search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your company visible for geographically related searches, specifically within Google’s Local Pack (or map listings). If you own a local business, you're competing for the attention of a limited number of customers. WebSuitable's Local SEO service helps you ensure that you get ahead of the competition and in front of your customers when it counts. With Local SEO Optimization Services, WebSuitable SEO Marketing Agency help you increase online visibility, rank higher than your local competition, attract more traffic and increase sales.

Link Building

Link building is a crucial, but often overlooked step in the SEO process. Building backlinks (other sites referring to yours with a link) shows Google that your site is trusted by others as a source of value and information. Without quality backlinks, your website will have a tough time ranking because it doesn't have enough referrals and authority.WebSuitable's link building services help your site acquire authority backlinks from reputable sites. No unreliable or fake backlinks, we focus on getting references from genuine websites with real traffic, keywords, and domain authority. Our team does works hard to contact respectable sites and promote your website with high-value guest posts.

Scale your organic growth with a results-driven SEO company


Website Audit

Before getting started, our SEO experts analyze your website to decide which actions are needed to get your site optimized. You'll also receive a full report about how your website performs on a daily basis, where your visitors are coming from, how much time they're spending on your site, and many more metrics that give you new insights into your web development and lead generation.


On-Site Optimization

Good SEO starts on your website – our SEO consultants and expert copywriters will ensure your website meets all the criteria to rank at the top of search engines while creating content your visitors will appreciate. With our on-site SEO digital marketing services, you can ensure that your website has what it takes to perform well in search engines and create an excellent experience for your users.


Strategic Link-Building

Inbound links are the driving force behind your website's SEO. They drive traffic to your web page and show search engines that it's a trustworthy source of information that's worth showing to users. However, not all backlinks are created equal – many sites fall into the trap of buying cheap, low-quality backlinks that harm their reputation and search engine performance. Our proprietary process for earning tons of high-quality links is all about creating genuine, mutually-beneficial relationships with other trustworthy sites and attaining high-quality backlinks that elevate your website. No more sketchy backlinks from untrustworthy sites, and no more of the headaches that come with them.


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$1,000 /Month
Up to 25 keywords
2 in-depth & optimized blog article
1 high-domain authority backlink (DA40+)
Up to 15 initial pages optimized
Up to 1 hour of site health optimizations
Keyword reserach & competitive analysis
Basic SEO audits & analytics setup
24/7 dashboard access & monthly reporting
Monthly touchpoints and optional meeting with SEO specialist
Ongoing SEO strategy, monitoring & review
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$2,000 /Month
Up to 50 keywords
3 in-depth & optimized blog articles
2 high-domain authority backlinks (DA40+)
Up to 25 initial pages optimized
Up to 2 hours of site health optimizations
Keyword research & competitive analysis
Enhanced SEO audits & analytics setup
24/7 dashboard access & monthly reporting
Monthly touchpoints and optional meeting with SEO specialist
Ongoing SEO strategy, monitoring & review
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$3,000 /Month
Up to 100 keywords
4 in-depth & optimized blog articles
3 high-domain authority backlinks (DA40+)
Up to 50 initial pages optimized
Up to 3 hours of site health optimizations
Keyword research & competitive analysis
In-depth SEO audits & analytics setup
24/7 dashboard access & monthly reporting
Monthly touchpoints and optional meeting with SEO specialist
Ongoing SEO strategy, monitoring & review
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