Why SEO Now Stands For Search Experience Optimization

As the world of online marketing continues to evolve, so does SEO. Do you know why SEO now stands for search experience optimization?
During the last years, user experience has been in the spotlight and multiple search engines like Google have been updating their algorithms to account for it.
Site speed, structure, and content, as well as mobile optimization, are some of the criteria that the search engines now measure.
This way they can get an idea of whether or not their users are getting what they expect from a website, focusing on their overall experience.
What does this mean for SEO? – It simply means that the world has exited the era of search engine optimization and has entered the age of search experience optimization.

Meet Search Experience Optimization

In the past, rankings were basically based on a series of technical criteria.
By the algorithms developed they have focused on what a user experience on a website should be. These criteria include:

Optimize Your Website Loading Speed

It’s very important to ensure your website is loading fast for your users, technology has changed the world in many ways. One of them is the fast provision of information and Google factors in website load times as a metric in their decision to rank your website over others in the search results.
Not only is this important to Google, but people have become accustomed to high speeds and are not willing to wait long for a site to load. If you site takes more than 3 seconds to load, 90% of users will leave the site and never return.

Mobile Optimization

It’s 2018 who does not have a iPhone or Android smartphone? Most people use smartphones and phone searches now account for a more search volume than desktop searches. With this stagering shift toward mobile, you absolutely have to provide a fluid-user experience for people searching on their cellphones for information or services you provide. Optimize your site for mobile traffic, it’s no longer a nice to have, it’s a necessity if you want to offer the best experience and gain high rankings in search engines.

Social Signals

No matter what your industry is, you should be engaging on social media.
With the search experience optimization, search engines consider social signals to measure whether a site offers a positive user experience and is engaging followers with valuable content. A great way to generate some social signals is to consistently post to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Be sure to include link backs to your website in those posts.
Another great way to generate incredible valuable social signals is through an SEO Link Building service.

Site content

Regarding the optimization of your content, first, you need to think beyond just optimizing for keywords. Writing in a way that addresses the needs of your target market and being clear with your on-page SEO elements will improve overall customer experience. Considering Google is a search engine that strives to provide it’s users with relevent, wuality information remember to always produce content that is natural and specific to your audience. Avoid using jargon whenever possible and always try to answer questions that your potential customers might be searching for and remember always provide quality over quantity.


Getting traffic to your website means that you’re doing something good.
Either people are interested in what you write or sell, coming to your site gives the engines a signal which will help your rankings.

Site structure

The site structure, its design, and usability are also great factors of whether your site detracts from the user experience or not.


If you are serious about search experience optimization, you need to analyze your site’s data, using robust tools.
This will allow you to get the insights of what is happening when visitors come to your site.
What do people read the most, time on site, bounce rate and return visitor rates among other features, will be your guides towards optimization.


Search experience optimization is the evolution of SEO, aiming to the best possible end user’s experience.
If you want to take on step ahead of competition ensure that you meet all the above criteria and that your site is SEO friendly.

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