Open The Floodgates To More Sales With Facebook Ads

We’ll help you reach more people, generate more leads, and get more sales from the world’s largest social media platform!

Not Using Facebook Ads Is Like Giving Money To Your Competition

Facebook now has nearly 2.4 billion active monthly users – 14 million of which are people right here in Canada.

And contrary to popular belief, Facebook isn’t just a place for socializing anymore. The reason so many savvy businesses are having amazing success with Facebook Ads is that people want to discover new brands, products, and services on Facebook.

If you’re NOT using Facebook Ads, you could be losing hundreds (or thousands) of customers to your competition without even knowing it!

"But We've Already Tried Facebook Ads & Didn't Have Any Luck"

Facebook is the most cost-effective advertising product on the market with the most advanced targeting tools we’ve ever seen. The harsh truth is that the businesses who don’t succeed with Facebook Ads 99.9% of the time aren’t doing it right.

Business is a battlefield and those who stay up-to-date with the latest strategies, tactics, and tools stand the best chance of winning. Just as we’ve cracked the code to SEO and Google Adwords, we know how to make the Facebook algorithm work in your favor, sending a fresh new batch of hot leads to your business every single month.

Unleash A Flood Of New Leads With Facebook Ads

During the Medieval Times, war strategies changed dramatically and the empires that resisted change were eventually overthrown by smaller, weaker armies who used newer strategies and weapons.

The same thing is happening on the battlefield of business today. Established companies that once dominated their industry are rapidly losing market share to smaller, more agile businesses who understand the new strategy of reaching consumers where they are – on social media.

Whether you’re an established business that wants to keep a firm grip on your market or you’re the smaller company seeking to dethrone the competition, we can help you unleash a flood of new leads with Facebook Ads designed to turn $1 into $3.

The Strategist Always Beats The Tactitian

With this in mind, we don’t believe in rushing to the front lines with a cookie-cutter plan of attack, which is why we take a three-step approach to assess the battlefield and create an unbeatable strategy before we unleash our assault. Every Facebook Ads campaign is different and every business needs a customized strategy to win.



Before we create your first Facebook Ad campaign, our consultants want to learn everything we can about your company, target audience, and business goals. This will ensure we have a thorough understanding of your business and that we are all aligned on the same objectives for your advertising campaigns.



Facebook has incredibly powerful tools for targeting your ideal customers, most businesses lose the war before the first battle has even started because they neglect the time and effort required to create a profitable campaign. We do the necessary work upfront to ensure your ad budget is well-spent from the start.



Once we’ve devised our strategy and properly structured your campaign, our Facebook Ads Specialists lead an epic crusade on the competition, launching your ads and constantly optimizing them to reach peak performance. As a result, your business will reach more people, generate more leads, and ultimately, get more sales!


Schedule A Strategy Session To Get Started

Are you ready to open the floodgates to more sales with Facebook Ads? The first step to getting started is to schedule a Strategy Session with us so we can discuss the specific needs of your business and walk through a plan of attack. Let us create and launch a Facebook Ad campaign that turns $1 into $3 each and every month.

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