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WebSuitable Helps Sea Moss Nutritional Capsule Company Achieve Significant eCommerce Sales Growth


As the demand for natural and organic supplements continues to rise, one sea moss nutritional capsule company was looking to scale their eCommerce sales. They turned to WebSuitable to help them achieve their goals.


The sea moss nutritional capsule company was facing several challenges, including a low Shopify conversion rate, a high customer acquisition cost, and low return ad spend. They were looking for a solution that would increase their sales, decrease their customer acquisition cost, and improve their return on ad spend.


WebSuitable started by conducting a comprehensive audit of the company's website, social media, and marketing campaigns. Based on the audit, they developed a customized digital marketing strategy that focused on improving the company's Shopify conversion rate, lowering the customer acquisition cost, and increasing the return on ad spend.

To achieve this, WebSuitable implemented several strategies, including:

  • Improving the company's website design and user experience to make it more appealing and user-friendly
  • Developing targeted social media campaigns that focused on reaching the company's ideal audience
  • Launching targeted Google and Facebook ads that were designed to increase the company's sales and lower customer acquisition costs
  • Conducting extensive keyword research to ensure that the company's products were ranking well in search engine results
  • Implementing a retargeting campaign to encourage customers who had abandoned their carts to complete their purchases


Thanks to WebSuitable's strategies, the sea moss nutritional capsule company achieved significant growth in their eCommerce sales. Here are some of the notable stats:

  • Average order value increased from $60.94 to $62.83, a 3% increase
  • Customer acquisition cost decreased from $55.64 to $36.82, a 34% decrease
  • Return ad spend increased from 2.38x to 3.03x, a 27% increase
  • Shopify conversion rate increased from 0.92% to 1.04%, a 13% increase
  • Ads to cart increased from 275 to 737, a 168% increase


Thanks to WebSuitable's customized digital marketing strategy, the sea moss nutritional capsule company was able to achieve significant growth in their eCommerce sales. By improving their website design, launching targeted social media campaigns, and implementing a retargeting campaign, the company was able to increase their sales, lower their customer acquisition cost, and improve their return on ad spend.

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