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Ice Cleats: How We Helped Our Client Launch a Successful Facebook Ad Campaign and Increase Online Sales Across North America!


WebSuitable was contracted by our client to launch online sales through Facebook ads and increase brand awareness across Canada and the United States for their seasonal product - ice cleats. As the product is only in demand during the winter months, the client had a narrow window of opportunity to maximize their efforts. Our team worked closely with the client to develop a strategy that would achieve their objectives within this short period of time.


The client faced several challenges in launching their Facebook ad campaign:

  • Limited brand awareness: The client was a new brand with little to no presence on social media platforms.
  • Short selling season: As the product was highly seasonal, the client had a limited window of opportunity to drive sales and generate revenue.
  • Need for precise targeting: As the product was not relevant to everyone, it was important to ensure that the ad campaign targeted the right audience to maximize ROI.


To overcome these challenges, we developed a customized Facebook ad campaign strategy for our client, which included the following steps:

Facebook Page Creation and Engagement Campaign

We created a Facebook page for the client and launched a general engagement/awareness campaign to warm up the ad account, drive awareness, collect page likes, and collect information about the target audience.

Creative Testing

We rotated ad copy and creatives every two weeks to determine the best performing combination and optimize the campaign for maximum results.


We implemented tracking through the Facebook pixel and conversion API, and verified the domain and set up aggregate events measurement after the iOS 14 update was introduced by Apple.


Our Facebook ad campaign strategy produced impressive results for our client, including:

  • +462.94% traffic growth YoY
  • +665.26% revenue growth YoY
  • +538.89% items sold YoY

The campaigns performed exactly on target, and we collected sufficient data to further implement and scale ad campaigns during future seasons.


Our success in driving online sales and increasing brand awareness for a new seasonal product through a Facebook ad campaign demonstrates the power of an effective social media strategy. By understanding the client's objectives, target audience, and challenges, and developing a customized strategy that addressed their specific needs, we were able to generate significant increases in traffic, revenue, and items sold. We continue to work closely with our client to refine their social media strategy and ensure ongoing success.

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