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How Our SEO Strategy Helped a Dental Inventory Company Attract Hundreds of New Customers Through SaaS Optimization


Sowingo had an established reputation for quality services in the dental industry but faced strong competition and needed to improve brand visibility and on-page user experience to optimize for SEO and increase lead generation efforts. Although they had a beautiful website, it was not properly optimized for high search volume keywords.


  • Improve online brand visibility
  • Improve on-page website user experience
  • Optimize SEO
  • Increase lead generation efforts

Approach:WebSuitable implemented a localized SEO strategy that included on-site optimizations, backlink building, and content development. We focused on ranking for various high-volume keywords relevant to dental supplies and dental services in Canada and the United States. We optimized the website to improve user experience and conversion rates and developed an ongoing content plan to communicate their expertise in the industry.


  • Website visits increased by 48%
  • Online contact form submissions increased by 70%
  • Started ranking for hundreds of service and product-related search terms
  • Improved website engagement


“We hired WebSuitable to help boost our SEO with our newly designed website. We couldn't understand why the traffic had fallen after the update. Thankfully WebSuitable was able to explain to us what had happened and how they can not only get our traffic back, but improve our SEO and boost traffic and discoverability. We've been working with WebSuitable for over 6 months now, and we're very happy to see our website traffic is well above where it was before. Not only that, but our boost in traffic has opened us up to new opportunities as potential clients have found us much easier. Since hiring WebSuitable, we're very pleased to have access to our own dashboard to monitor our performance, and track how their SEO work continues to improve our website traffic. Communication has been quick, they've been nothing but nice and professional, and we look forward to continuing to work with them. We would highly recommend WebSuitable!” - Ryan Barsalou, Product Designer at Sowingo

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