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Revolutionizing Lead Generation for an Insurance Broker in Vancouver: How We Boosted Conversions and Cut Costs with Targeted Google Ads


Our client, an insurance broker based in Vancouver, faced stiff competition in the insurance industry and struggled to generate new leads. They had previously tried running Google Ads campaigns, but the results were lackluster, with low conversion rates and a high cost per acquisition.


Our team worked closely with the client to understand their business and target audience. We conducted extensive research on industry trends, competitors, and customer behavior to develop a targeted Google Ads campaign strategy that would resonate with their audience.

We created compelling ad copy that highlighted the benefits of working with our client, such as personalized service and competitive pricing. We also optimized their landing pages to ensure a seamless user experience, with clear calls-to-action and relevant information.

To further enhance the campaign's effectiveness, we used advanced targeting options to ensure that the ads were only shown to users who were likely to be interested in the client's services. We also implemented conversion tracking to measure the campaign's success and make data-driven optimizations.


Our targeted Google Ads campaigns delivered impressive results for our client. With an average campaign conversion rate of 7.84% and a cost per acquisition of $50, we brought in a steady stream of new leads, helping our client stand out from the competition.

By focusing on the customer and positioning our client's messaging in a compelling way, we were able to cut through the noise in a highly competitive industry and deliver real results. Our client was thrilled with the results and has continued to work with us to further optimize their campaigns and grow their business.

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