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Generating Leads through Facebook Ads for a SasS Interior Design App

The client has contracted WebSuitable to generate leads for their business through Facebook leads. Their cost per acquisition (CPA) has gone up dramatically over the last several months and the Mydoma team was looking to bring it down to target numbers. 

Steps Taken

We started out by performing an overall account audit with the purpose to establish the most effective combination of ad copy, creatives, and audiences. 

Once ad audit was completed, we worked with the MyDoma team on testing out a new approach to ad copywriting (long form vs. short form), prepared several creatives for testing. 

Apart from the ad account audit, we also performed conversions audit. Additionally, we set up server-side tracking through Zapier, which allowed us to accurately attribute all incoming leads to our ad campaigns. 


After the first several months of testing and adjusting our ad campaigns we arrived at a consistent CPA, which allowed us to start scaling campaigns further.

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