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How We Helped a German Fashion Brand Expand its Retail Network in Canada with Search Engine Marketing


In early 2022, we partnered with a German fashion brand that was expanding its retail network in Canada. Our goal was to provide consulting services for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising.

We noticed that the client had been showing ads to both existing and new customers, based on branded search. This is a common practice, but it can be a missed opportunity to optimize ad spend.

Our team identified that the client could benefit from a switch to showing ads only to new customers, who were searching for non-branded keywords such as ‘t-shirt for women’, ‘black pants with white stripe’, ‘linen dress’ and similar phrases.

Our approach was to stop showing ads to existing customers who were already familiar with the brand, and focus on showing ads to new customers who were searching for the types of products that the client offered.


When we disabled brand keywords, we noticed a significant increase in organic clicks, as shown by the blue solid line on the screenshot above. Although the client continued to spend money on branded keywords, we were able to save them money while still generating the same amount of traffic organically.

Our approach helped the client reach new customers and increase their online visibility, which in turn boosted their revenue. By focusing on non-branded keywords and optimizing ad spend, we were able to help the client expand its retail network in Canada and improve their overall SEM performance.

Overall, our experience working with this German fashion brand highlights the importance of regularly reviewing and optimizing SEM strategies, as even small changes can make a big impact on performance and cost efficiency.

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