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Unlocking the Sound of Success: How We Helped a Toronto Audiology Clinic Increase Organic Traffic by 153%


Our client, a downtown Toronto audiology and hearing clinic, approached us intending to increase their organic search traffic and improve their search engine rankings for their primary keywords. They had tried other SEO agencies in the past but had not seen the results they were looking for. Our team worked closely with the client to understand their business, target audience, and competition and developed a customized SEO strategy to help them achieve their goals.


Toronto's audiology and hearing clinic industry is highly competitive, with many established players vying for the same audience. Our client faced several challenges in improving their search engine rankings and organic traffic:

  • Limited brand recognition: Our client was relatively new to the market and had low brand recognition compared to their competitors.
  • Low website authority: Our client's website had a low domain authority, which made it difficult to compete with more established websites in the same industry.
  • Poor keyword targeting: Our client's website was not targeting the right keywords or using them effectively, negatively impacting their search engine rankings.


To overcome these challenges, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy for our client, which included the following steps:

Keyword research and optimization

We researched extensively to identify the most relevant and high-traffic keywords for our client's business. We then optimized their website's content, meta tags, and URLs to target these keywords effectively, making sure to use them naturally and relevantly.

On-page optimization

We thoroughly audited our client's website to identify and fix any technical issues preventing it from ranking well on search engines. We also optimized their website's navigation, site structure, and internal linking to improve user experience and search engine visibility.

Off-page optimization

We developed a comprehensive off-page optimization strategy to increase our client's website authority and backlink profile. This included building high-quality backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites and leveraging Google My Business and other online channels to promote their content and brand.


Our SEO strategy produced impressive results for our client, including:

  • A 153% increase in organic search traffic within 4 months of implementing our strategy.
  • A significant improvement in search engine rankings for their primary keywords, including moving into the top position for several high-traffic keywords.
  • A 75% increase in website leads and inquiries, indicating a significant improvement in the quality of traffic coming to their website.


Our client's success in downtown Toronto's highly competitive audiology and hearing clinic industry demonstrates the power of an effective SEO strategy. By understanding our client's business, target audience, and competition and developing a customized strategy that addressed their specific challenges, we generated significant increases in organic traffic, search engine rankings, and website leads. We continue to work closely with our clients to refine their SEO strategy and ensure ongoing success.

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