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Web Design Trends That Can Make or Break Your Business

To lead a successful business, you will need an excellent website that attracts more customers. Did you know that 91 percent of customers visit a store because of something they read online?Also, 37 percent of people surveyed use the Internet to find a store at least once a month. To get more customers and grab  their attention, you will likely need to follow popular and effective web design trends.Building a strong website could improve your business revenue over the long term. WebSuitable has been featured by DesignRush as a leading web design agency in Ottawa. Take a look at our top four web design trends to strengthen your business.

Full screen with minimal scrolling

A great way to keep your customers happy is to create website pages that are full screen and do not require scrolling. Try to minimize the amount of scrolling necessary.You can add page numbers below where the users can click for the next blogs or product information. On the side of the screen or at the top, include buttons that your customers can use to move around your website and visit other pages.To keep your customers interested in buying products, they will need to be satisfied with your website. Be sure to limit the amount of scrolling necessary and have a full screen for your homepage.

Make your logo show up when pages are loading

Another key strategy for building brand recognition is to use your logo as the in-between image when pages are loading. This has become a major trend among companies today.This strategy is great since it gives your audience the idea that your website is part of your brand.So be sure to have your logo show up when your website pages are loading. This will keep your brand in the mind of your shoppers for days to come.

Web design trends include virtual reality and 360º video

There are many new developments in the tech industry around virtual reality and 360º video. Web design trends are slowly showing how you can incorporate VR and 360º video.Google’s Daydream VR headset is the first to really show where virtual reality can take us. Microsoft and Playstation are also making headway in this arena.Soon website developers will likely be incorporating more virtual reality and 360º video in their web design.

Use high-quality, realistic photos

Authentic photography is becoming more popular across websites. Stock photos are losing respect among consumers and photos of people in realist environments are gaining traction, according to a report from the Nielsen Norman Group.Consider looking for real photography websites and purchasing images that will get your customers talking. You may also want to add photos of employees at your company as well as product images.Your customers will be much more engaged if you use high quality, realistic photos instead of stock images. This trend is popping up across company websites.It just might improve your business revenue by getting more shoppers to buy products with the right photos.Do you have any other great tips for improving website design? Let us know in the comments below! And if you need help designing your website, be sure to contact us.

Headshot of Nik Paprocki, head of growth at WebSuitable.
Nik Paprocki
Head Of Growth
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