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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Powerful Landing Pages

Landing pages are key for customer acquisition. In fact, they are often the place where lead conversion happens. A landing page can pretty much make or break the results of your digital marketing strategy.

Picture this: you stumble upon a great Facebook ad, and when you click it to get more information, you are taken to a confusing page. Pretty disappointing right? At this stage, you have probably lost interest in the product or service that caught your attention within the ad.

As a business, this type of situation is exactly what you want to avoid. Why would you opt to pay thousands of dollars on a digital marketing strategy just to lose leads once they click the ads?

The solution? Creating powerful landing pages that take your strategies to the next level. These pages are not just a part of a successful marketing campaign- they are a key ingredient.

If you are looking for ways to create exceptional landing pages for your business, you've come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out all the best practices for landing page creation.

Why Are Landing Pages Important?  

Simply put, a landing page is a page created for the purpose of generating leads. Therefore, they are used as a way to gather a visitor's contact information.

Usually, landing pages come with some sort of special offer in order to incentify visitors to giving out their information. Lead generating pages usually offer things like ebooks, free trials, etc.

These pages are important because they can help build your brand, improve your SEO, drive traffic, and most importantly, turn leads into customers.

A landing page is different from a regular homepage because it removes the element of navigation, ultimately getting rid of distractions and making each click more efficient.

Landing pages require a lot of thought and strategy. They need certain elements in order to boost conversions. Here are some tips that will help you turn your landing pages into lead generating machines:

Create a Great Headline

When a visitor clicks on your ads, the first thing they'll see when they land on the page is your headline. A good headline hooks visitors and entices them to stick around.

Headlines should tell the audience the purpose of the page in a straight-to-the-point way. The best way to keep visitors interested is to use the headline as the hook that tells them what's in it for them.

Bad headlines can cause your page to have a higher bounce rate. Therefore, make sure to take your time creating one that will make your audience want to learn more.

Make Your Landing Pages Easy to Navigate

Don't lose conversions because your landing page is too hard to navigate. Landing pages should go straight to the point and should be easy to follow.

Each landing page you create has a specific purpose, so make sure your message is clearly delivered. Avoid adding too many elements that make the page confusing.

One of the main advantages of creating landing pages is that they are supposed to remove all distractions associated with a traditional homepage. Therefore, make sure to remove any links, menus, and buttons that will distract your audience from your call-to-action.

However, the design and aesthetic are still important, so make sure to create a landing page that looks nice while simultaneously being easy to navigate.

Be Strategic About Your Images

Images on landing pages are pretty much required if you want to keep your visitors interested. Human brains process images significantly faster than text. This is because pictures help to grab your audience's attention, evoke emotions, and can make complex messages easier to understand.

However, some images can distract from the overall message. Therefore, relevance is key to using images strategically.

If you are selling a product, an image is the best way to show it. If you are not, you can incorporate images that evoke the emotions you are trying to express with your copy.

If you can't find images that successfully complement the intended message, you can try looking into infographics, or any other eye-catching visual aids that help add value to the page.

Have Great Copy

The copy of your landing page needs to reinforce the main idea you highlighted in the headline. In addition, it needs to be compelling enough to convince your audience that they should stick around and read all the information.

The goal of landing page copy is to keep your visitors interested up to the point of the call to action. If you lose them in the middle, the copy was not successful.

The body copy in a landing page should be long enough to successfully deliver the message, but short enough so that you don't lose clarity and overwhelm your visitors.

There is not an exact rule for how many words are needed in landing page copy, so you should always focus on getting your point across as clearly as possible instead of stressing over a word count.

If you are having trouble coming up with copy for your landing page, try answering these questions:

  • What problem is your offer solving?
  • How are you solving this problem?
  • What are the benefits of what you are offering?
  • Do you have any proof that what you offer works?

Finish With a Clear Call to Action

A call to action is crucial in all landing pages. This is the part of the page that will ultimately push lead conversion.

Your CTA should be very clear and recognizable. This is where you tell your audience what they want them to do, so make sure it is clear and to the point.  

Action verbs are the best way to go about this. Some examples include: "Subscribe," "Complete your purchase," "Download," etc.

Getting the call to action right is very important in order to make your landing pages successful. The position of your CTA needs to be very strategic. You don't want to place it too soon because your audience might not be ready for it.

As a rule of thumb, always place the CTA at the foot of the page. This way, you'll have enough time and space to warm your audience up to it. In addition, make sure to set it as an isolated element to make it apparent that it is a call to action.

Include a Thank You Page

A thank you page is the last step to creating successful landing pages. If your visitor took the time to listen to what you had to say and decided to give you their information, you should be sure to thank them.

A thank you page is a good way to give your audience confirmation that you have received their information. In addition, it is a step you can take to further develop a relationship with a customer.

The "thank you" page does not need to be complicated. You can simply add a pop-up message, or you can redirect them to its own page. Either way, thanking your audience for their time and information is important.

How to Bring Your Landing Pages to the Next Level:

Once you have created the blueprint for a beautiful, strategic landing page, it is time to bring it to the next level. The ultimate goal of a landing page is lead conversion. Therefore, you should keep these things in mind to make sure it performs well:

Don't Forget to Optimize It

Make sure you optimize all the elements on your landing page in order to boost its performance. Here are some things you'll need for your landing page SEO:

  • A meta description
  • A unique URL
  • Backlinks
  • Images with file names
  • Title and header tags

Make Sure Your Offer Is Strong

Because you are going to be asking your audience for their contact information, it is important that you give them a good incentive to do so. Having a strong offer will encourage your visitors to stick around, and listen to what you have to say.  

Don't Forget to Update

If you are running a campaign for a long time frame, make sure your landing page is constantly being updated. Every once in a while, you should make sure your landing pages have up-to-date links, and ensure that all the information you provide in your copy is also still relevant.

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of a Stellar Landing Page?

When you are running a campaign, having a great landing page can help you turn leads into customers. Strategy is everything when it comes to creating these pages.

Having a good headline, clear copy, strategic images, a call to action, and a thank you page will make your landing pages stand out. If you follow all the best practices we covered, chances are you will have stellar pages that will take your business to the next level.

If you need help getting started, contact us today!

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