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The 10 Social Media Development Tips for Effective Marketing

Social Media Development Tips for Effective Marketing

Effective marketing campaigns are centered around using the best strategies. We're sharing 10 social media development tips for social media marketing here!

Did you know that 52% of adults use at least one form of social media?Social media is continuing to gain popularity and more companies are taking note. They know that they must dive into this new marketing platform in order to keep up.But social media is also frustrating to many businesses because they aren't sure how to create an effective marketing campaign centered around social media.We're here to help you out.Read on to learn the ten social media development tips for effective marketing.

1. Post Strategically

What you post matters, but when you post matters even more.There is data out there that exhibits the ideal times for you to post on each social media platform. This is great for social media development because you're then able to post when the most people will see your content.According to this data, these are the best times to post for each platform:

  • Facebook - The best day to post on Facebook is Thursdays. The best time? Around 8 p.m. EST.
  • Twitter - If you're tweeting to your audience, the best day to do so is also on Thursdays. The best time to tweet any content is 5 p.m.
  • Instagram - A relatively new way for companies to post, Instagram followers will see your content more frequently on Friday nights at 7.
  • Pinterest -Pinterest differs than its counterparts. The best time to post is also Fridays but at 1 a.m.

Think this is too much to handle?It can be a little daunting to remember all of this information. Which is why there are tools you can use that will automatically schedule your content and posts.BufferHootSuiteThese tools will also let you know the best time for your company to post based on the data they collect.

2. Encourage Engagement with Contests

You can post all you want, but what's the point of your social media platform if you're not engaging with your followers?The best way to encourage your followers to engage with your social media page is by hosting contests.There are a bunch of ways you can set up a contest. Some companies will ask their followers to enter a giveaway by liking and sharing a photo. This counts as an entry.Other companies will ask their customers to tag a friend in a photo or post that also enters them in a contest to win a freebie.People love free stuff, so this should spread like wildfire.It will also help increase traffic to your page as your customers will share this information with their friends.

3. Start Simply

If you're new to social media on the business end, you may want to start slowly and build your way up through different platforms.Joining multiple platforms at once can be overwhelming. You may miss some key areas if you're trying to post on each platform all at once.Try logging on to a platform that you know your customers frequent. Build up your repertoire there, and then see where else you can make a mark.

4. Use Social Media to Complement Other Areas

Social media is a great place to expand your voice.And for the most part, it's really just free advertising.Use your social media platform to let your customers know when your company is having sales. Let them know when a new product is released.A lot of this is often done via email, your website, or print advertising. But use the free resource to add to other areas of your marketing plan.

5. Follow Your Future Followers

You can wait all day for your social media followers to grow, but you can't wait forever.So you have to go looking for them. There are tons of ways you can find future followers. Start searching for hashtags that are relevant to your company and follow those individuals.You can also take a look at who is following your competitors or similar companies.

6. Get to Know Your Customers

You should always know who your target audience is. And we're hoping you already know that information.But you should also get to know their wants and needs. This is one of the most important social media development tips.You should use your social media platforms as a way to hear your customers complaints and compliments. This way you can work on those areas that are failing, and keep doing what is working.Look at social media as a public customer service forum, and run with it.

7. Be Consistent

We've already covered the best times and days to post your content.Once you've nailed that down, you should stay consistent. Long periods of downtime on social media will only hurt your business. Instead, make sure that you're posting on a daily or hourly basis.On the same note, you should always make sure that you're keeping your company's voice consistent throughout. While social media is a casual space, you should remember that your customers will notice when your posts don't sound like your company.Whether you're creating the content yourself or hiring someone else to take care of it, make sure that you're consistent in all areas.

8. Share Content

And we're not talking about just your content.You should be sharing content from your influencers or posts that relate to your business. This not only keeps the conversation going on your page, it also does a service to the original poster.This could potentially result in a "you help me, I help you" type of situation. Who knows if that influence could potentially share some of your content on their page? It's a win-win for everyone.

9. Create Specific Goals

A great social media development tip is to always set goals for yourself.As your social media presence grows, so will your needs. So keep goals in mind as you move forward. And make sure that they align with your company's goals.

10. Generate Your Own Content

Your content should show that your company is an expert in the industry.This can be done by creating engaging and creative content. As we stated earlier, you can always share posts from outside sources.But your customers want to see what you have to say.


Put These Social Media Development Tips to Good Use

There are plenty of tips you can use to help your social media development, and while some of these may seem overwhelming, just taking one tip at a time will greatly impact your social media marketing plan.If you need help with your social media marketing plan, reach out to us here at WebSuitable. If you're looking for eCommerce specific tips check out this article from Digital Agency Network called 14 Actionable Social Media Marketing Tactics For eCommerce Sites.

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