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Make Your Invoice Talk: 5 Branding Strategies to Motivate Customers to Come for More

It’s no secret: managing cashflow is no easy task. If you find it difficult to ensure revenue streams add to your bank account on a regular basis we want to ask you one question: have you considered using design to benefit your business?

Yes, of course you need design on marketing material, merchandise and signage on your building. But many business owners neglect to take branding to all aspects of business. Even your stationery. 

Something as simple as rethinking what your invoices should look like can influence your sales and payment figures.

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Why is Invoice Branding Important?

Your shop front or online store is one of the ways you showcase your business to the world. But after an initial visit the only marketing material that reach some of your clients will be your invoices. When you get it right your invoices can boost your public image, enhance respect from your clients and yes, an increase in cashflow!

Firstly the right design could prompt faster payments. But it goes one step further. After the payment is done you want your customers to come back for more. What you communicate on your invoices can spark more future sales.

Invoice branding relates closely to your branding campaign which makes people used to seeing your company logo all over the industry. With branded stationery current clients won’t easily forget you. The next time your services are needed the client will remember who to call. 

You can even impact your employees by properly branding invoices. Workers want to be proud of the work they deliver. Upgrading from generic invoices to a stylish document will show employees that quality matters in every part of your business. That’s the type of company people want to work for. Yes, your paperwork can impact your company culture and atmosphere. 

Here are five easy branding strategies you can utilize when it comes to office documentation that you haven’t thought of. 

Did You Add Your Logo? 

When it comes to branding, your company logo design should always be a central feature in your strategy. The logo represent everything your company stands for; IF you did your branding correctly. 

Image: Finance logo designs 

Your invoice is bound to reach clients a few days after you’ve delivered a service or product. Your logo is an instant reminder of your brand, without you saying a word. 

If you did a good job, your client will associate positive aspects with your logo. Seeing that same logo on an invoice could prompt them to place a new order. Or perhaps they make a call to make sure you’re available to repeat the good service you’ve delivered before another client books you. 

Share Your Values and Attract Likeminded Clients

Not all your clients will know your brand or what you’re about yet. What is it about you that you want them to know? Your values! 

Values such as professionalism, efficiency, affordability and quality products are aspects of your company others can respect. It’s what will prompt them to trust you rather than your competitors who don’t function according to those values.

Prove You’re Detail Oriented

Even the way you share the content of an invoice can say a lot about your company. Don’t simply give them the bottom line. A detailed invoice that tell them exactly what they’re paying for will prove that you’re detail oriented and that accuracy is important to you.  This can benefit you in two ways:

  • Your invoice will be paid sooner because there are fewer queries about expenses. Everything they need is on the page. 
  • Clients appreciate service providers with streamlined systems in place. After a positive experience (with no enquiries necessary) they may prefer doing business with you rather than a competitor who sends inaccurate statements. 

Be Unique so You’re Not Forgotten

It won’t hurt to design a creative, unique layout for your invoice. If you run a creative business this can showcase your style and that’s part of branding.

Image: Branded invoice design

Unique features can also make you memorable so your company isn’t forgotten:

  • Add a watermark 
  • Let your page resemble something related to your industry such as old paper if you own a printing company
  • Add a side panel design with a pattern in company colors 

Using Color and Text to Emphasize Your Message

Your company colors can let certain parts stand out. And don’t underestimate the power of the right words in the right font.

Image: Invoice details

 Here are practical examples to try:

  • Highlight the amount owed so it’s easily visible. Your clients don’t want to waste time looking for 
  • Use bold font and bright colors to thank them for their payment. This communicates that you value them. If ‘valuing people’ is part of your company values, your clients should be assured of that as much as possible. That’s how you nurture your relationship with them.
  • Use different shades of the same color to decorate different sections of your invoice. A change in banking details can be highlighted in a bright red or yellow to ensure it’s not missed. You share the company colors while you help them take note of important information.

When you get this strategy right, company branding and streamlining your invoice system in one can do wonders for your business. 

Image Source: Invoice design

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