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Live SEO Case Study: Shopify SEO

HammerHead Shots contracted WebSuitable to help them increase their organic rankings in Google for their Shopify website. Before we took over the campaign their main target keyword “shot ski” was sitting tight within the 60-80+ positions on Google.We started our Shopify SEO link building service for, on January 4th, 2018 and within three months we’ve significantly increased their most lucrative search term.You can see from the chart below (As of March 29th, 2018) has seen positive upward momentum in the SERPs. The website rankings experienced what we call “The Google Dance” around mid January. This is when keywords bounce up and down significantly day to day for no apparent reason. To learn more about that infamous Google Dance, check out James Dooley’s post over at FatRank for a detailed explanation around this phenomenon we experience in the SEO industry. Check out this great article. Almost every website will experience this period of ranking fluctuations at the start when building links. This seems to be especially true for sites that did not have a lot of previous links. The key here is patience, and to continue building strong backlinks with high domain authority, which is exactly what we did!This graph shows you the upward movement for their search phase “shot ski”. We are targeting the Google (US) Search Index for this website since their target market is well, the United States.On Jan 4th, 2017 - HammerHead Shots placed their first order for a Shopify Link Building with WebSuitable. Initially we built out 6 In-Content Links, and posted an article to 3 top level blog with 1 post each. Once we did that we then created 7+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties, 20+ Supporting Social Bookmarks, and 100+ Profile Links. You can see the Top-Level site articles we published at the links below:


Next, we created supporting properties that linked to those Top Level properties linked above.After we created the supporting properties, we built social bookmarks that linked to the new Web 2.0 Properties. Lastly, we created mass links to the Top-Level properties, roughly 294 mass links were created.For the Anchor texts, we utilized a mix of branded and neutralized terms. Subject: Shot SkiURL1: https://www.hammerheadshots.comKWs1: shot ski,for sale at this websiteURL2: buy,click hereURL3: click here,hammerhead shotsWe followed a similar process for the second month’s cycle which began on February 6, 2017. This time we diversified the anchor text even more to ensure no overuse of terms to cause any penalization. Google likes to see diversity in the links pointing to a website. You can’t use the same keywords over and over that sort of thing used to work in the past but nowadays that’s called keyword stuffing, or spam and if you do so you won’t get any love from Google and isn’t love from Google what we all need after all so best to play by their rules.By following a similar strategy for the second month, we noticed the keyword position stabilize around the 20th position in the Google U.S Search Index. (See the chart below for the second month mark, and keyword positions).Within 2 months we increased the target search term “shot ski” from near 80th position to around 20th. (That’s an increase of 60 positions in the search results within just 2 months!). With this great start, we decided to ramp up the third month with a bit more link juice. So here’s what we did heading into the third cycle for month #3 of the campaign.For the third month, we increased the link juice slightly. Here’s what we did:

  1. Created 5 articles
  2. Created 32 In-Content Links
  3. Posted those 5 articles to 4 Top Level Blogs
  4. Created 55+ Supporting Web 2.0 Properties, 100+ Supporting Social Bookmarks, and 500+ Profile Links.

Since we’ve done that, you can see that the keyword is pushing the first page. What is our strategy for the next month to solidify first page ranking for you ask? We’re going to continue link building by using a mix of branded and neutral alt tags. We’re also going to focus on an On Page article for their blog. A mix of Link Building and Blog Writing are two of the most important factors when it comes to ranking a website using SEO techniques.

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