How to get your site ranked in 2018

Nik Paprocki
Head Of Growth

In 2018 there are more websites than ever. Getting your site to show up early in the web search can be a challenge, but if you have the right tools and information on your site, you’ll find yourself at the top of the search results page in no time. Here are a few key things that are essential to your site’s SEO and ranking:


Keywords are essential to any good website or blog post. When a consumer is searching for something on the web, search engines are compiling all the sites that have those keywords the consumer put in the search bar.

Keep in mind how consumers are searching and what words they may be using. For example, a consumer may search “easy Italian recipe” and doesn’t want to scroll too far down the search engine results page (SERP) to find an appealing link. Most likely, the searcher is going to choose one of the first five links they see. So, if you run a cooking blog or catering business, you want to make sure those keys words are in all your posts so that they show up on the SERP. This goes for all business’ web copy and blog posts.

Titles, subtitles, metadata

Titles and subtitles are not only a great way to section out your blog post (much like this one) but it also gives your site more keywords to appear in possible searches. If you want your content to seem relevant and important, sticking those keywords wherever you can is a must. But, do try your best to not repeat the same words too much because that quickly becomes monotonous and boring to the reader.

How titles read is also important to a search. Optimizing titles is important to how searchers will select what link to click on. Think about how many times you scrolled through Googles searches, looking for the one link that sounds appealing enough to click on. That’s what you want your consumer to do when they see your link.

Make sure your site is secure

You know your site is secure when you see the word “secure” in green next the website URL and reads as HTTPS instead of HTTP. This not only shows that your website can be trusted, but also lets consumers know they aren’t on a site that could possibly give them a virus and that their personal information is encrypted and safe.

In April 2017, 50% of websites at the top of the SERP were secure sites with HTTPS URLs. (Moz.) While Google doesn’t have an algorithm that prefers these sites, the consumer most likely will be warned be either Google Chrome or an anti-virus application of the unsecure site.

Mobile optimized websites are key

Today, nearly 60% of internet searches are done on mobile devices (Search Engine Land), meaning sites that are mobile optimized are more likely to appear at the top of the search. No one wants to click on a website and find that the text, photos, and content have been optimized for desktop only. In this mobile age, if your website isn’t mobile optimized or compatible you can expect slower traffic and lower rankings on the SERP.

Fast loading times

In today’s world full of technology, consumers and web searchers expect websites to load within a certain amount of time. If your page is taking longer than four seconds to load, web users may want to leave the page in search for another faster option. (SERPs.)

Content and Video

Last but not least is the importance of content and video on your site. High quality content is what is ultimately going to draw readers to your site. The SERP is going to be looking for sites that have content like videos and pictures to bump to the top of the page. Relevancy and quality are always critical aspects to any sites content and are preferred by the general web user.

With these tips, you can expect to see your sites ranking climb in 2018. In no time, your website will be the number one hit on the SERP. Good luck!


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