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How Much Do Google Ads Cost? This is What You Should Be Spending

CPC can range widely from business to business. It just depends on what your business budget is. 

This is why you need to ask the question, how much do Google Ads cost? 

The average CPC on Google Ads is $1 to $2

Google Ads are an optimal way to promote your business if you know what you are doing and how to effectively run a campaign.

If you understand the principles and strategies behind Google Ads, you can drive traffic and clicks to your website. You can have more leads, which translates into more sales. 

As a business, you need to prepare a marketing budget on how much to spend on Google Ads, especially since most businesses don't have unlimited capital. 

Here's everything you need to know about Google Ads and what to spend on them. 

What Are Google Ads?

Google ads give an opportunity to advertise with something called pay per click. It's when the advertiser pays per click or per impression. 

In other words, Google Ads appear as paid advertisements on or as advertisements on someone's website. 

These advertisements drive traffic to your website. The overall goal is to create more leads, which turn into sales. 

When you create effective Google ads, your business shows up on Google searches based on what people are searching for. 

There's a Google Ad tool that caps your spending each month and it gives you the option to pause or stop your ad. This is why it's important to know what your marketing budget is. 

What's the Value of Google Ads?

Before you figure out how much you need to spend on Google Ads, it's important to reflect on what Google Ads can do for your business. 

One of the benefits of Google Ads is that it is one of the most used search engines, with over 3 billion searches each day. You are clearly receiving the benefit of business visibility with this advertising platform. 

People are more likely to see your business products when they search on Google. 

Another valuable reason to use Google Ads is that your competitors are likely using the platform. 

If your competitors are using Google Ads, it means people are less likely to see your business page when they search for your products. 

Ultimately, the value of Google ads is how much time and strategy you take into investing in Google Ads. It will require testing and tweaking in order to maximize your business success.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost? 

The most important question you might have is how much do Google Ads cost? 

This is a question with a lot of variables. Depending on your industry, you could be spending anywhere from $1 to $7 on CPC. 

Adrank is an important determining factor of how much you'll spend on Google Ads. Adrank is determined by quality score and maximum bid. The higher your ad is valued, the higher it will rank.

Another factor that contributes to the cost of Google Ads is campaign type. You will have to decide between search, display, or video. 

The success of your campaign is not entirely dependent on the type but rather how you convey that message. In other words, it's important how you communicate your advertisement in search, display, or video, which is where quality score comes in. 

The quality score tells you the relevance of your keywords and how effectively it is at driving traffic to your website. 

To stay within your budget, you should consider testing strategies and looking at data to optimize your ads. You should be looking at your click-through-rate and conversion rate. 

For more information on PPC strategies, visit our website and book a strategy session

What Google Ads Strategies Should I Employ? 

To avoid paying outrageous costs for Google Ads, you should have strategies that target your audience and drive in a higher conversion rate. 

One way to do accomplish this is to not only have targeted keywords but also have negative keywords

Negative keywords eliminate people who come across your product but are not your target audience. For instance, if you sell educational software for high school, you might get a lot of people interested in it because they think it's also for middle school and elementary school.

You can choose negative keywords like middle school and elementary school to avoid people who search with those words. 

Conversely, you should also consider the exact keywords you want in your ads. You want to choose words that have high volume and low competition. 

The right keywords can generate more leads and more conversions because it's exactly what people are searching for in your business.

The final strategy to ensure you're not overspending on Google Ads is to adjust your bids. 

You can adjust your bids based on the week, day, device people are using, age, gender, location, and other factors. Adjusting your bids can ensure you are don't overspend and you are reaching your target audience. 

After you run Google Ads for a couple of months, you can see what users clicked on your ads the most and adjust your bidding.

It will lead to higher conversions. 

Ultimately, these strategies can help you figure out how much to spend and lower your CPC. You will, however, have to see what works and what doesn't, which is the best action to take when figuring out how much to spend.

Why Are Google Ads Important for Your Business? 

Knowing what Google Ads are and how they can work for your business can provide insight into how much they cost. 

If you're still wondering, "how much do Google Ads cost?" then consider what other businesses in your industry are spending and what your marketing budget is for Google Adwords. 

For more information on Google Ads and how much you should spend, contact us here to speak with a strategist. 

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