Easy Local SEO Tricks For More Business

Do you want to double or triple the number of calls or customers you could be getting?
Wouldn’t it be nice to advertise your services in areas that you don’t have a physical location?
Well, there’s a trick to it, and I’ll show you how to do it, very easily:
All you have to do is build out a page on your website targeting that area!
That’s right. Let’s say you have your normal website:
But you also want to rank in Google when people are typing in keywords from surrounding areas, like Oakville and Hamilton.
All you have to do is build out more pages on your website that specifically target those areas –
For instance:
Then you can rank these just like any other pages.
This will allow you to multiply your area to reach, even if you don’t have a location there!
I hope you enjoyed this little “hack”…

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