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9 Ultra-Affordable Digital Marketing Ideas You Can't Afford to Ignore

Did you know that there are 28 million small businesses in the United States, but they account for 54% of all sales made in the country?Pretty cool, right? We thought so too!You could be part of those successful 28 million businesses when you have solid digital marketing ideas ready to go; but, what if you don't? What if that's the part that you're struggling with?We've got you covered.

9 Ultra-Affordable Digital Marketing Ideas

We have 9 incredibly affordable digital marketing ideas that will help your target audience see what you have to offer.The best part is, these online marketing ideas aren't going to send you to the poor house!

1. Have a Blog

One of the biggest mistakes small businesses make is to have a website, but they don't have a blog.Now, you may be asking yourself why you need a blog, and that's a fair enough question.A blog is a great place to talk about topics your customers will find helpful. This can include things like:

  • Talking about your products and/or services
  • Market trends
  • Offer reviews
  • Informative guides
  • ...more

You don't want to just write anything on your blog, though. The information must be useful (obviously), but you also want to understand use SEO in your blog posts.If you don't have time for learning SEO, you can always hire freelance professionals who are masters at SEO and content creation.

2. Use Email Marketing

Did you know there are over 269 billion emails sent each day and over 3.7 billion email accounts around the world? Just think of all those missed opportunities!Email marketing is one of the best online marketing ideas because it'll give you a chance to connect with new customers, but also stay in touch with existing clients.How do you get people to even give you their emails?You can do this by offering people an exclusive gift (e.g. a coupon for a percent off a product or service, a free ebook, downloadable documents, etc.) when they sign up for a newsletter.

3. Online Directories

Online directories are your friend and it's one of those small business marketing ideas that doesn't get a lot of attention.What is an online directory?It's basically a website where you submit your own website into their database where it will be placed into a searchable category. Let's say you run a and you want to drum up more business. You can submit your website to sites like Bloglovin', StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and so much more.Oh, and most of these directories are free! Talk about budget-friendly, right?

4. Network Online

Having a social media presence is incredibly important because, like your blog, you can connect with your ideal consumer base. Social media can also be used to connect you with other professionals who could give you some insight into your business and how to grow.If you're having a hard time envisioning the importance of networking and having a social media presence, let us blow your mind for a second.Kylie Jenner is huge on social media following that amounts to 108 million followers on Instagram alone. It suffices to say that she has an enormous following, which would explain why Kylie's Lip Kits sell like hotcakes.Just having a large following isn't going to increase your business, though. You have to engage your followers by being active and interact with your audience.

5. Have a Referral Program

A referral program is designed to offer an incentive to your existing consumer base to introduce your products and services to others. In turn, you will gift them with something valuable that they can only get through the said referral program.Now, as far as marketing tips for small business go, this will require just a small investment, depending on what your reward will be.Of course, this doesn't mean you have to give away an expensive diamond bracelet or television. It could be something small like a free gift up to a $30 dollar value, or maybe a coupon for a free service. The choice is all yours!

6. Create Instructional Videos

A video is a fantastic way to connect with your audience while providing them with useful information.Yes, it's true that you'll need a big budget if you want a professional-quality video that could be a mini-infomercial, but it doesn't cost a lot to use what you have (meaning your smartphone)!You read that correctly; you can make quality engaging videos with the device sitting in your pocket right now.Phone technology is always improving and with a little bit of practice (and watching a few how-to videos yourself), you can make useful videos your audience will enjoy and share, thus expanding your reach even more!

7. Create Info Graphics

There's something about infographics that just entices the reader to absorb the information.When you present your customers with a well-designed, informative infographic, they are going to absorb that information much easier than if you give them a newsletter or a long-form article.You may be thinking to yourself that you aren't very skilled with Photoshop and this is something you just cannot do. Fortunately, there are free programs and websites, such as Canva or Gimp, that can help you make professional-quality infographics.

8. Revamp Old Content

Maybe your business has had a blog for a few years now and you're running out of ideas for new blog posts. There's no harm in going back through your old blog posts for inspiration.You can even re-write the blog post and offer new information or insights on the matter.For example, maybe you wrote a blog post about SEO trends in 2015. SEO has changed significantly since then, so you could create an updated SEO guide that will reflect the current guidelines.

9. Run Contests or Giveaways

Much like referral programs, a contest or giveaway is certainly going to grab your audience's attention and will increase engagement.We recommend using Rafflecopter to help host your contest because they make it super easy to get started, but also the contest entry form can be embedded directly on your website.

Digital Marketing Ideas Wrap Up

Trying to come up with unique digital marketing ideas is going to be hard because there are millions of small businesses who are trying to do the same thing. The real trick to making your marketing ideas stick is to be innovative and put your own spin on things.Check out our blog for more ideas and insights that could help your small business thrive!

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