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8 Procrastination Solutions to Help Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals

The United States provides one of the best environments in the world for entrepreneurs. In fact, out of the 138 countries listed in the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index, the United States ranks first.Any successful entrepreneur knows that time management is crucial to performance. Entrepreneurs also know this can be one of the hardest skills in a job role with a seemingly endless amount of tasks.Anyone in the workforce, entrepreneur or not, has those specific tasks that they push to the bottom of their to-do list. It can range from meticulous paperwork to frustrating expense reports.If you find yourself getting bogged down with mundane tasks and feel your productivity slipping, check out these 8 procrastination solutions to help you achieve your goals.

1. Pick Your Battles

If a director looks at his looming opening night as one giant project to tackle, they'll likely be too overwhelmed to accomplish anything. Productions are broken down into smaller chunks and your to-do list should be, as well.If you have a huge task again of you, break it down into bite-sized pieces. Examine everything that needs to be done and list the small details in chronological order.

2. Do It First

That thing you're avoiding? Move it to the top of your to-do list.Rather than spend all day dreading the point where you finally have to deal with it, you'll get it done immediately.

3. No One Is Perfect

The need for perfection holds back a lot of people, not just entrepreneurs. Remind yourself that you don't need to do a perfect job to do a great job.

4. Eliminate Distractions

Identify the things that are sidetracking you from your goals. Is it checking social media? Is it the seemingly never ending stream of email notifications?Once you know what's holding you back, find ways to block the distractions. There are apps to prevent you from accessing social media, and automatic responses for incessant emails.

5. Wake Up Earlier

It's tempting to sleep in, but as an entrepreneur, you'll miss crucial productive morning hours.Even scientists agree that morning hours are more productive, so set your alarm earlier and make it part of your routine.

6. Learn to Delegate

As a leader, it's likely that you struggle to let go and have someone else handle your important tasks for you. Although you can't control exactly what they'll do, delegation is an essential part of productivity.Find the tasks you can let go of, and assign them to employees you trust.

7. The Right Environment

Your environment is essential to your success. Having the TV blasting as you tackle your to-do list is not the way to go.Find what makes you most comfortable. Some people work best with headphones on, listening to their favorite music.

8. Feel Accomplished

Remember to celebrate the little things. With a physical to-do list handy, you can cross off tasks as you accomplish them. This makes your accomplishments much more real and helps you build intrinsic motivation to push on.

The Best Procrastination Solutions

Although effective time management is an essential skill for success, there are other skills you need to manage your time wisely.For these procrastination solutions to work, you need to be disciplined in the plan you set for yourself - do not veer from the program. You also need the drive to complete the plan, and motivation is not magic - it often involves you forcing yourself to get it done. Finally, you need the focus to complete tasks fully before moving on.If you're looking to identify your gifts, harness your greatness, and create opportunities, it's time to learn more about my good friend Derian Tuitt, and the One-Year Exit Strategy.

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