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7 Ways to Boost Your Real Estate SEO in Ottawa

Standing out in Ottawa real estate can be hard, but there are tricks for online marketing to make it easy. Here are 7 ways to boost your real estate SEO.

Real estate is a tough business to be in, especially with the internet. You have to deal with finding local clients and homes, marketing those homes, and ultimately finding the best deal. This is all in addition to the requirement to have an online presence to attract that local clientele.The combination of local and digital is where many realtors go wrong with their marketing efforts. People can't seem to figure out how to use websites and social media to focus their efforts on a local level, especially with search engine optimization.Real estate SEO has a similar function as other sites. It has to get a website higher on search results. Real estate websites also have to be concerned with local search queries and results, so the target market is a lot smaller than other sites.If you find yourself in this position, here are seven of the best SEO strategies you can use to get the best results for your business.

Meta Tags

The meta tag is the basis of any optimization, but especially for real estate SEO in Ottawa. These are simple pieces of code you include in the HTML that tells search engine bots the important information about your website. They are necessary these days because bots won't index the pages of your website correctly without them.You will typically include a basic description of the site, title, and keywords that will influence where your website is listed. This is a great location to localize your website by including information related to your local area. Even just mentioning the name of the location will start to put your website on local search results.

Local Keywords

Keywords are the main way websites are found on certain search queries. In theory, you can use any keywords you want. However, it's best to choose related keywords that you can perform well in.Localize your keywords by researching how certain keywords perform in your area. These keywords may be directly related to your location, or you may just limit the keywords you use to ones that perform well in your area.


Pictures are great for real estate SEO and human beings alike. Since we are talking real estate, it's a necessity to visually show what you are selling. Having top quality pictures is obviously important, but pictures and real estate SEO go beyond the pictures themselves.Include the appropriate information required make SEO bots happy. This includes having basic descriptions, captions, and alternative titles in the image tags.


Many search engines will partly base their ranks on the amount of diverse content a website includes. They are looking for quality content above all else. Having a variety of content can help a search engine mark your website as something that should be listed above other results.Video within real estate is becoming more popular for the advantages it has over pictures when it comes to showing off a house. This can be especially useful for potential clients who live out of state or can't see the house in person for whatever reason.

Responsive Web Design

Mobile technology has changed the game of web design in recent years. More people want to view and use websites using their tablets and phones without having to use special apps or a larger device. This is where responsive web design comes in.Responsive web design is the basic design concept where a web page is designed for a variety of screen sizes and operating systems. Typically, a website will stretch in size to fit the screen of the device. This helps it display correctly while improving real estate SEO for bots looking for mobile friendliness.The real estate business is ideal for having a responsive website. Most clients may be out looking for homes on their mobile devices. Businesses that have websites tailor-made for a variety of devices will allow clients to be able to use the site on the go. This will put your business above your competition if they are lagging behind.

Manage Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is the type of content that slips past our radar when creating and maintaining web page content. It can be a duplicate paragraph or phrase, HTML code, or even an entire webpage. It's important to take care of this content since real estate SEO can be harmed.SEO bots will look for duplicate content and mark it as suspicious. This is a common tactic many lesser quality websites will use to increase the bulk of their content without providing anything unique or of quality. Since search engines are always looking for this kind of content, they will be likely to deal with it by ranking the website lower on search results.

Find Backlinks

Backlinks are simply links other websites have that point to your own website. They show search engine bots that your website is connected to the greater digital community and has even become somewhat of an authority website. Real estate SEO can be infused by backlinks since it makes your website reputable in the eyes of a bot.The quality of backlink needs to be a primary concern since all websites aren't created equally. If you have a lot of backlinks from less reputable websites, this could even impact your SEO performance in a negative way. To avoid this, actively control your backlinks by only submitting the site to good, local real estate directories.

Maximizing The Real Estate SEO

The best way to infuse your site's SEO performance is to tackle all of this tips at once. Your can prioritize each tip into a step by step plan, but it's important not to completely ignore one tactic over another. Each of these work in tandem to increase the chance of your website performing at the top of the search results lists.If you are looking for additional help with your real estate SEO, feel free to get in touch with us. We are here to help.

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