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3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Landing Pages Into Your Email Marketing Strategy

The objective of most emails that you send is conversion. With promotional emails that include discounts, you entice subscribers to make a purchase. With event invitations, you want to increase attendance at your event. With content offer emails, you urge subscribers to download your latest ebook, whitepaper, or webinar.

Whatever email you’re sending, your goal is to encourage subscribers to take a specific action—and therefore convert.

That being said, wanting subscribers to take action versus subscribers actually doing so are two different things. Not all your subscribers will click on the call-to-action (CTA) within your email, and some might not even bother opening your email at all. 

In fact, email marketing benchmarks for 2019 indicate that the average click-to-open rate across all industries is just 14.10%. This means that if you send an email to 500 subscribers and 100 of them open it, only 14 of them will convert. This leaves you with 86 subscribers who didn’t take action—and 400 who didn’t even see your message.

What’s the solution, then? How do you successfully encourage more subscribers to take action and increase your conversion rates in the process? For starters, you can take advantage of landing pages and combine them with your email marketing strategy.

Landing pages and email marketing: a highly effective partnership

A landing page is a web page that is designed to move prospective customers further down your sales funnel. The primary purpose of a landing page is conversion, whether it’s by making a purchase, downloading content, or collecting user information.

This makes landing pages an ideal partner to email marketing if your goal is to drive conversions.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the different ways to optimize your landing pages for conversion, and how you can merge these landing pages with your email marketing strategy.

Improve your landing pages

Before you can fit your landing pages into your email marketing, you have to make sure they are optimized for conversion.

Here are three tips on how to design your landing pages.

  1. Focus on the benefits.

You need to remember that your landing page is not about your brand or what you are offering. It’s about helping your subscriber. So, be sure that your landing page copy reflects this.

Source: Casper

Rather than listing your product’s features, highlight how it can help your subscribers or how they can benefit from taking you up on your offer.

  1. Be concise.

When designing a landing page, it’s important to be concise. A lengthy form will only turn subscribers off and dissuade them from taking action. 

Keep the following points in mind when creating your forms:

  • Include only the necessary fields in your form. While there is no “magic number”, most landing pages today have just three to five fields.
  • Utilize a single-column layout.
  • Avoid making your forms scrollable.

Source: Uber Eats

  1. Practice clarity at all times.

Be clear about what you want to achieve and what you want subscribers to do. Never place multiple CTAs on your landing page as this will only confuse subscribers. Instead, present them with just one action to take which can include any of the following:

  • Downloading content (ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, etc.)
  • Taking a survey
  • Registering for an event

Source: Campaign Monitor

Writing a clear CTA is the best way to communicate your intentions to your subscribers. Use strong action words and avoid generic language like “Click Here”.

Make your landing pages and email marketing work together

Now that you know how to design high-converting landing pages, here’s how you can combine them with your email marketing.

  1. Keep the conversion process simple.

As a rule of thumb, the lesser the clicks that your subscribers need to perform, the more likely they’ll take action.

Your subscribers’ experience should be your first consideration. Completing the desired action should be as easy as possible for them. A great way to achieve this is by creating a seamless experience wherein your subscribers’ can complete the entire conversion process within their inbox.

Use an email marketing platform that has integrations with software specifically for designing landing pages. These types of software don’t require any web development knowledge to use, which makes it easier for email marketers. 

  1. Consistent branding is key.

The design of your landing pages must match your emails. The same goes for the copy of your landing page. It’s crucial that you use the same imagery, colors, and even font faces.

The tone of voice of your landing pages and your emails should also be the same. If you use a fun and casual tone for your emails, then your landing pages should also feel this way.

This is another way you can avoid confusing your subscribers. Furthermore, this ensures that they maintain familiarity with your brand.

  1. Personalize your landing pages.

The personalization tactics you apply to your emails can also be applied to your landing pages. A subscriber won’t take action on a landing page if the offer is not relevant to them.

So, design different landing pages based on your subscriber segments. You should also take into account your subscribers’ demographic information including:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Interests

Wrap up

By integrating your landing pages and your email campaigns, you create the perfect conversion optimization cocktail. Just remember to follow the best practices for designing landing pages and you’ll see a significant bump in your conversion rates.

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